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For the first time on Nakatomi , we have 2 BIG 24×36 prints in artist Tim Doyle’s ongoing ‘The Sea Also Rises’ series of prints, available HERE NOW.

Pictured above is ‘The Sea Also Rises: The Exodus of Turtleton’ which is signed and numbered in an edition of  200 worldwide.



And this print, the newest in the series is called ‘The Sea Also Rises: The Fleet Deploys’, which also measures 24×36 and is signed and numbered in a first edition of 150. Features eye-popping florescent ink throughout the print!

We asked Doyle to share his thoughts on these prints-

The Sea Also Rises series is by far the favorite thing I get to work on. It’s been rolling off and on for 5 years now, almost as long as I’ve had Nakatomi. The whole series comes from a place of deep concern for how humans interact with their environment, and the long-range consequences of our actions today. And for whatever reason, the way my brain works means that concern comes out as Sea Monsters will rising up to take us out, to prevent further damage. These two prints were originally commissioned by PangeaSeed for their ‘Sea of Change’ series, which helps to raise awareness about several issues pertaining to the oceans, most notably the practice of shark finning.

Exodus of Turtleton depicts a city- turtle, leaving it’s post off the coast of Japan, carrying an Earth-Spirit serenely away to safety. It’s definitely one of the more up-lifting images in the series, as nothing is blowing up or being attacked!  I thought a lot about my children while creating this one, and how I could use a large turtle to carry them to safety one day.  Or just carry them for a few hours, so I can catch a nap.

The Fleet Deploys shows a water-witch witnessing the Hammerhead God and his children moving from the depths to unknown points on the globe. I’m not sure where they’re going, but it can’t be good news. I was a little concerned about putting the sunken ship in there, as it’s the only man-made thing in an otherwise pristine scene, but having a recognizable object gave the rest of the scene some scale. Instead of it looking like a normal sized shark and a bunch of small ones, you REALLY can feel the size of the beast.”

Check out these close up images below-








These big, beautiful, vibrant prints are in hand and ready for immediate shipment!

Pick them up HERE NOW.

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A new release in the ongoing SHINY OBJECTS series of watercolor portrait prints by artist Tim Doyle!

Our last release- Shiny Punk sold out within minutes- be ready with your clicky-fingers on this one- being released tomorrow, Tuesday the 17th at 2pm Central Time.

“Dynamic” measures 12×16 to match the other releases in this series, and will be signed and numbered in an edition of 50. There will be 5AP copies in the mix tomorrow as well.


batty BW

There will also be this Black and White variant edition of the print- limited to just 10 signed and numbered copies!

And, because we’re totally in love with our new Giclee printer, we’re going to be randomly giving away ONE copy of the regular print and ONE of the variant produced at a MASSIVE 24×36 with orders for these. They will be the ONLY copies at that size made available to the public. 1/1 !

These fine-art giclee prints will be printed on cold-press natural watercolor paper, with genuine Epson Ultrachrome archival ink, directly in the Nakatomi studio. Prints should ship within 1 week of on-sale date.

Regular edition will be $30, and the variant will be $40.

These prints will never be reprinted!

Prints will be available at the top of the TIM DOYLE section of the Nakatomi store, tomorrow around 2pm Central time!

PS- you can see process pics of the entire painting process in our INSTAGRAM FEED here!

Good luck, everyone!

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Gift for the Night's King WEB PREVIEW


“Gift for the Night’s King” Game of Thrones inspired print available now from SpokeArt!

Available for purchase RIGHT NOW HERE- this 18×24 5-color silkscreen print is signed and numbered by artist Tim Doyle in an edition of 100, worldwide! 

Depicting the surprise scene from the end of the season 4 episode “Oathkeeper”, which caught fans of the show AND the books by surprise!

Also available in a Glow in the Dark edition of only 25- (mock-up of the print glowing below!)

glow edition

“A Gift for the Night’s King” is up for sale NOW in the SpokeArt store- go grab ‘em while you can! This print will never be reprinted.



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insomnia front

Insomnia Video Game Culture in Houston, TX is the newest shop to sign on to our retailer program!

They’re an awesome nerd-friendly shop in H-Town that carries prints from Nakatomi artists, and many others- they recently had a Jermaine Rogers signing, I’m told! (love that guy)

Insomnia is located at-

724 W 19th St.

Houston, TX 77008

(281) 440-1405

If you’re in the area, make sure you swing on by!

Take a look at the display-


HEY!- send me that Gigantor figure!

For the last couple of years, we here at Nakatomi have had a great relationship with local shops and galleries both here in Austin and all over the world.  From Tokyo to Edinburgh, from London to Paris, galleries and shops have carried our prints to great success.

If you, or someone you know, owns a cool little shop or gallery that you think SHOULD carry our prints, give us a shout though our CONTACT FORM and we’ll give them a look!

We ship product quickly and safely, and keep you stocked when needed!  We started with a small rack of prints at Parts & Labour here in ATX-back in 2010, and within a few short months, the prints had sold so well, they opened up a new shop to sell JUST prints- SHARK ATTACK, which now carries a full range of Nakatomi art-prints and a ton from other local artists!  That’s a fairly good testament to how these prints do when you get ‘em in front of people!

So- do give us an email, and don’t forget a link to your store’s website if you got one!

-alex fugazi

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“If Only You Could See What I’ve Seen” Art print- back in stock!

For the first time since it was originally released over four years ago in 2010, this long-sold out art print is back in circulation!

Measuring 12×24, and signed and numbered by the artist, Tim Doyle in a new edition of 250.

Print is in hand for immediate shipment, and available HERE in the Art Print section of the Nakatomi store!

-alex fugazi


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Follow NAKATOMIDICKS on Instagram!

We here at Nakatomi have our own silkscreen print shop. You can check it all out here.

We screen print posters every day. We also make a quick dick-related drawing referencing the poster we are about to print on the dry erase board.  We said to ourselves- “Selves, this is too good not to share with the world. The world must see our dick drawings of pop-art.”

And so, @nakatomidicks was born. There’s about 25 images up there now, with more coming all the time. (Pun not intended.) 

If you’ve ever wondered what would a hammerhead shark look like with dicks coming out of it’s head, or how about a giant penis riding a horse?…well, this is the page for you.

My personal favorite is this Baizley-inspired apple/dick-worm thing from the recent Pop-Sub set-

baizley dicks

Also- the color mixing directions up there- “Fucking Dark Purple”.


We’re making the world a better place, clearly.