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Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein Print Suite #3!

Thursday the 24th- at 2pm Central Time, we will have these sets available on the Nakatomi website HERE-!
Each of these matched number sets are in editions of 50 worldwide. Half are already spoken for!
Each print measures 20×30 and is signed by the master himself, Bernie Wrightson.
These prints are hand-printed silkscreen images on heavy weight 130lb Cougar Natural stock- to match the other prints in this series.
All domestic (US) orders will ship flat via FedEx, and international orders will ship USPS in 2 tubes.
Prints are in hand and ready for immediate shipment.
The 7th print- “Alone” was not included in the original publication, and has never been offered as a print!
Images of all the prints and titles below-
But first-a note from Tim Doyle-
“As many of you may know- 2 weeks ago, Bernie suffered a series of small strokes. The original release date of these prints ended up being the very day that this happened. So, we pulled the release for the time being as we wanted to make sure all was well before we proceeded. I’ve been in in contact with both Bernie and his wife Liz, and it looks like his doctors are cautiously optimistic that he will make a full recovery.  Bernie is in good spirits, and is anxious to get back to work on his projects. Unfortunately- this event came right at the start of the big Summer convention season- and Bernie had to cancel quite a few appearances. For a guy like Bernie- this means he had to take a significant hit to his wallet, right when he needs it the most to help get through all the medical expenses. So with all that in mind- every purchase you make of Bernie’s art on Nakatomi means that money is going directly to the man himself. You can also contact them directly through his website HERE where Bernie and Liz sell originals of his art. (And quite a few of them are VERY affordable, btw).  Bernie’s got the best fans in the world, and we’ve been very pleased that he’s given us the honor of printing his work in silkscreen format. You can help out a living legend in a time of need, and pick up a great limited edition collectible at the same time!  See you on site HERE at 2PM Central time on Thursday!
Prints featured in this set-

“Eyes They May Be”

“Wretched a Condition”

“Scenes of Evil”

“Flight of an Eagle”

“Agreed to Descend”

“Wretch I Created”


This set will be on sale HERE in the Bernie Wrightson section of the Nakatomi Store on 7/24 at 2pm Central Time.

Thank you all!

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Cannibal the Musical poster by CODY SCHIBI!

This TUESDAY here in Austin, the North Door will play host to CANNIBAL THE MUSICAL. This screening is sponsored by Troma, and will also feature a live musical performance by THE DEAD SPACE!

The North Door commissioned Nakatomi to produce a poster for each of their TROMA SERIES screenings over the coming months- this first one is by Austin artist, Cody Schibi! Make sure you check out Cody’s INSTAGRAM feed for some SICK art! 

This 18×24 hand-printed silkscreen poster is signed and numbered by Cody in an edition of only 100 worldwide! If the poster sells out at the event this Tuesday, than none will hit the web- so if you’re in the area- make the trip to check out this FREE SCREENING!

Read more about the North Door HERE.

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So, in 2011, Nakatomi founder, Tim Doyle, TIED in the annual Austin Chronicle’s Best of Austin reader’s poll for ‘Best Visual Artist.’ This was completely awesome, and totally unexpected.  In 2012- we SHAMELESSLY asked for your vote. AND WON.  In 2013- we got UNHINGED about it. AND WON. So this year- LET’S DO IT AGAIN!

TODAY  (SUNDAY) is the VERY LAST DAY to vote in the 2014 Best Of Austin Reader’s poll, and we really want YOU TO VOTE for TIM DOYLE for Best in Austin. Why? Purely bragging rights. There is no prize. #realtalk

Or, to quote Doyle from last year’s plea-

I know what you’re thinking- that art is a personal expression of interior thoughts brought to reality through an extension of skill and patience, and every viewpoint is valid, and any attempt to qualify one artist as ‘better’ than another is a silly exercise in acting like personal opinion has any kind of empirical reality.  You know what that sounds like to me? Sounds like LOSER TALK. U.S.A! A.R.T! U.S.A! A.R.T! RRRARGH!

GO HERE AND VOTE.  Note- you do NOT actually have to live in Austin to vote. Weird!


Looking for other awesome things to vote for?

May we suggest-

Comic Book Store- AUSTIN BOOKS AND COMICS, who carry our prints, and commissioned the Starlite Movie series from us last year!

For Best Gallery- GALLERY GUZU, who have rad shows and feature a lot of Nakatomi Artists!  Also- not owned by a giant corporation. 

For Best Comedian- Sean Robb, who also is a printer here at Nakatomi! Each print that comes out of our studio is full of sad, funny rage. And tears.

For Printing/Copies- Sixth Street Printing- who does the trimming for EVERY single screenprinter we know of that works in ATX! He’s a super nice dude!

For Best Bartender- The always amazing JON CHAPMAN.  You either know him or you don’t. But trust me.

Remember- ONLY VOTE ONCE- no ballot stuffing!



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The Cybertronic Spree gigposter by Tim Doyle!

The Cybertronic Spree hails from Canada by way of CYBERTRON, and they are by far THE BEST THING IN THE UNIVERSE.

Their brand new Gigposter is for sale now HERE.

What is the Cybertronic Spree, you ask? TAKE A LOOK-



When they were featured on i09 HERE a while back, we tracked them down and pledged our loyalty and love to them, and we’re now proud to present their first ever GIGPOSTER exclusively for sale here on Nakatomi! (pictured at top, duh)

This 18×24 hand-printed silk screen poster is signed and numbered by the artist, Tim Doyle in an edition of 100 worldwide. The band’s copies sold at the shows, and what little copies they have left are being held for in-person sales at the concerts- so they’re ONLY available here on Nakatomi!  We only have 25 numbered and 10 ap copies available. Prints are in hand for immediate shipment!

Pick them up HERE RIGHT NOW.

And check out the Cybertronic Spree’s site HERE for some awesome photos, tour dates and t-shirts!

Here’s some detail pics, courtesy of the Spree’s FB page!

hot rod





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Gift for the Night's King WEB PREVIEW

“Gift for the Night’s King” Game of Thrones inspired print available now!

Available for purchase RIGHT NOW HERE- this 18×24 5-color silkscreen print is signed and numbered by artist Tim Doyle in an edition of 100, worldwide!

Originally produced for SpokeArt, their copies are now SOLD OUT, and we are now selling our artist’s reserve copies!

Depicting the surprise scene from the end of the season 4 episode “Oathkeeper”, which caught fans of the show AND the books by surprise!

Also available in a Glow in the Dark edition of only 25- (mock-up of the print glowing below!)

glow edition

“A Gift for the Night’s King” is up for sale NOW IN THE NAKATOMI STORE! This print will never be reprinted- these are artist copies from the original printing.

-alex fugazi

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django web reg


This weekend, SpokeArt will host the newest iteration of their hit QUENTIN vs COEN art show!

Nakatomi artist, Tim Doyle will have 3 new prints, plus variants available at the SpokeArt gallery in San Francisco on Saturday, and next week on their website HERE.

jackie web

Each of the three new prints will measure 16×20, and are printed in super-small first editions of only 50 worldwide!  Each feature metallic silver ink!  There will also be SUPER limited variant prints of each image, with an edition of only 15, that have silver AND gold metallic ink! (The Gold will replace the background color)



If the prints sell out through SpokeArt, there will be no copies left for Nakatomi to sell, so MAKE SURE you get ‘em from the gallery!

The original pen and ink drawings will also be available- make sure you email the gallery and ask for the collector’s preview, if you want to get your hands on those!

Can’t wait to see what else is available at this show! It’s one of our long-time favorites, and we’re so glad to see it back!

-alex fugazi