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SpoilerAll4 WEB


Artist Jon Smith debuts his new print series- ‘SPOILER ALERT’, On Sale tomorrow, Tuesday 8/26 at 2pm Central Time!  Depicting some of TV’s biggest SPOILERS, this print-set is sure to delight or completely enrage friends! (“WHY DID YOU SHOW ME THAT, I JUST STARTED WATCHING BREAKING BAD!”)  Note- Nakatomi is not responsible for stabbings that may result in the gifting of this print set.

This first set in the series is 4 12×16″ high-quality giclee prints, each signed and numbered in an edition of 100. Each print will sell for $30, or you can pick up all 4 for $100. 

The prints will be for sale HERE at the top of the Jon Smith store at 2pm Central time TOMORROW, Tuesday 8/26.

Larger pics below-

coop web 2

“How’s Annie” 12×16 Edition of 100


gus web

“Ding! Ding! Ding!” 12×16 Edition of 100


scooby web

“The Scooby Ending” 12×16 edition of 100


SpoilerNed WEB

“Ned’s Head, Baby- Ned’s Head” 12×16 Edition of 100

These prints are produced in-house at the Nakatomi Print Labs.  Printed on Natural Watercolor paper with archival Ultrachrome inks.  All orders will ship within 1 week of on-sale date!

From Jon-

“Spoiler Alert: Jon watches a lot of TV! Er, TV shows anyway…the only reason to actually have cable is to watch live sports.  As we know,  TV is the dominant medium in entertainment as they have the ability to shoot film quality picture and have hours and hours to develop characters+ whereas movies have but two hours or so to tell a story and require leaving one’s house and the paying of money!

Plus, with Netflix and countless streaming options online we can binge on a myriad of classic shows thus the resurgence of The X-Files, The Twilight Zone and Twin Peaks in recent years, just to name a few.

SPOILER ALERT  is  a new print series showcasing the most epic shocking events in major cult television history! At this point if you’re not up to speed on Breaking Bad, Twin Peaks and Game Of Thrones you’re shit out of luck. 

I think the idea came from my Fire Walk With Me print last year, depicting he good and bad sides of Leland Palmer. I heard somebody saw the print and it ruined the show for them as they were in the middle of watching Twin Peaks and hadn’t figured out Leland Palmer killed Laura Palmer. Sorry.

The main three prints feature -

The cliffhanger ending of Twin Peaks that will be hanging forever as the show was cancelled despite it being possibly the most intriguing ending ever,

Gus Fring’s face-off from Breaking Bad, the final scene of the greatest TV villain ever,

and Ned Stark meeting the end that most Sean Bean characters do- in gruesome fashion…something tells me that Joffrey kid’ll get his eventually.

The fourth print, “The Scooby Doo Ending” was almost not included as it’s another Twin Peaks print but I thought it funny enough and I like that it’s a departure in style from the gritty/morbid nature of the other three pieces AND it’s technically a mashup of another cult TV show, Scooby Doo!”

The prints will be available individually or as a matched numbered set through the Nakatomi store HERE tomorrow at 2pm Central time!



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fields of trenzalore 24x36 web

Fields of Trenzalore- Oversized edition!

In honor of the Good Doctor’s return this weekend, SpokeArt has released a VERY SPECIAL 24×36″ Glow in the Dark version of Tim Doyle’s  ‘The Fields of Trenzalore’ print!

This print is hand-printed in the Nakatomi Print Labs, and is signed and numbered in an edition of only 100 worldwide.

The print is available NOW from the website HERE.

Here’s a digital mock-up of the print, glowing in the dark-

fields of trenzalore 24x36 GLOW web


Pick one up while it’s still available HERE.

Thank you!

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For those of you who DON’T know- we also operate a full-service flat stock (meaning posters) printing operation here in Austin, Texas! We’ve been printing for clients all over the world for 5 years now, and we recently upgraded and can now offer-

24×36 prints!

If you have silk-screen poster printing needs, check out our NAKATOMI PRINT LABS website for pricing and file specs!

Everyone on staff at Nakatomi is a trained silkscreen artist with years of hands-on screen-printing experience!

We also have a 100% safety record on shipping orders with our tried- and -true bulk-packing method. Tired of bent corners on your prints from dropped boxes? NO WORRIES.

Hit us up with any questions through the site HERE!

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wire 4up

“The WIRE” print set returns- at Hero Complex Gallery!

Artist Tim Doyle’s long-out-of-print poster set featuring just about EVERY single character from the TV show- THE WIRE, is now available as a part of Hero Complex Gallery’s ‘I AM THE LAW’ show currently on display!

And this time- the prints are presented in a much larger 24×36 format! (the prints originally measured 18×26).  These hand-printed posters are each signed and numbered in an edition of 50 each, and will not be reprinted at this size.

Available HERE NOW at the Hero Complex Gallery store!

Print titles-

‘All the Pieces Matter’ (blue) Cops

‘This Game is Rigged’ (red) Barksdale gang

‘My Name is my Name’ (brown) Marlo’s Gang, the ‘street’, and the kids

‘Prometheus Bound’ (green) Docks and City Hall

-alex fugazi

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batman 2-up


Nakatomi will be releasing artist copies (marked ‘AP’) of Tim Doyle’s ‘Gotham PD’ art print, commissioned by French Paper Art Club and Geek-Art, this TUESDAY 8/19/2014  at about 2pm Central Time on the Nakatomi site- HERE.

Follow Tim Doyle on Twitter HERE for a direct buy link for when they go live!

Both of these posters measure 16×36. The Regular (red) was printed in a limited edition of 120, and the Glow in the dark variant (blue) in an edition of 55.

These prints were produced in-house by the Nakatomi Print Labs.  In the normal process of printing, a shop will run some prints of each layer on a sheet by itself to check for pinholes and other problems that might occur. Doing this, we ended up with 10 or so REALLY NICE looking Black and White only versions of the print. We will be randomly giving these prints away FOR FREE in with orders for the Regular (red) poster only. AND- since the bat-signal up there is only defined by the sky-color, artist Tim Doyle went in and hand-drew in the Bat-signal on each one with a black marker! Pics below-

batman BW 2


This will be your LAST CHANCE to pick up these prints- as there can be no reprints made!

See you HERE on the Nakatomi store at 2pm Central Time on Tuesday, 8/19!

(the prints will appear at the top of the page when they go on-sale)

-alex fugazi


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French Paper Art Club, in conjunction with Geek Art, are very excited to reveal their new series of officially licensed Batman prints, in honor of the cowled one’s 75th anniversary!  Their debut print in the series is by artist Tim Doyle-


batman red

“Gotham Police Department” measures 16×36, and is a 5-color hand-printed silkscreen art print. The regular edition is signed and numbered by the artist in an edition of 120, and a blue/glow in the dark edition of only 55.

batman blue

From Doyle-

“Back in 1989, when I was the tender age of 12, still reeling from seeing Robocop back in ’87, my parents took me and my brother to see Batman, starring Micheal Keaton and Jack Nicholson. And as amazing as the movie really was- it was Anton Furst’s design for Gotham that REALLY spoke to me. The claustrophobic nightmare of steel and brick that he created for Tim Burton’s film set the stage for the action, and made that crazy world WORK. It’s my favorite depiction of Gotham, and trumps any other interpretation of that fictional city. (Yes, even more than the Nolan films.)  So, when I was asked by French Paper Art Club to produce a print for them, I knew I would HAVE to pay tribute to Furst’s vision.  The red skies are my subtle nod to the beautiful Batman: The Animated Series TV show that followed 2 years later. I’m very pleased with the print, and so happy to have done the FIRST poster in the first silkscreen poster series to celebrate Batman’s 75th Year!”

Detail pictures below-

batman detailgotham-pd


Both prints are available from the French Paper Art Club website to purchase HERE.

-alex fugazi