Look at all those Pencils! Ready to MAKE ART!

“THIS MACHINE KILLS A.I.” Pencil Giveaway! Come get it!

Hello Nakatomi Peoples!

We here at Nakatomi love art. We love art made by humans. We’ve made it our business.
Like ALL working actual artists, we’ve been deeply concerned about “Artificial Intelligence” creeping into the fields of art and literature.

We want to be VERY clear- we aren’t “gatekeeping art” (whatever that means). Literally ANYONE can be an artist. Pick up a pencil, draw a picture. BOOM. Done- you’re an artist. Heck- we’ll even GIVE YOU THE PENCIL FOR FREE.

FREE PENCILS. INCLUDES ERASER! Because making errors is human…and you ARE human, right?

We have 500 pencils here at Nakatomi HQ, ready to ship out, and will be including these with every purchase on the site, while supplies last!

You don’t even have to place an order-
Just send a self-addressed stamped envelope to-

Nakatomi Sticker Giveaway
c/o AJL
2101 Airport Blvd
Austin TX 78722

And we’ll send it right back, with a pencil and maybe some bonus stuff in there as well! Who doesn’t love cool mail? (jerks. that’s who.)
DON’T BE A JERK! Get a pencil!

The wonderful and lovely author Chuck Wendig sums up our feelings about A.I. in creative fields just perfectly-

Get ’em, Chuck!

Thanks, everyone!
Alex Fugazi