3 brand-new Enamel pins from Nakatomi!

They got Mixed-up! New Pins from Nakatomi!

Hello Nakatomi Peoples!

We’re super excited to show off our 3 new enamel pin designs…Read onward!
Previously exclusive to our hit Kickstarter with the fine folks at Recess Puzzles, these pins are now available DIRECTLY to the Nakatomi Nation!

JIJI x CHIBI! Gold enamel pin, 1.75 inches tall (and wide!)

Pins all come shipped on a custom backer card, in a plastic sleeve!

Kaonashi Totoro! Black enamel pin, 1.75 inches tall.

All pins are produced on metallic backs, with double posts, and black rubber clutches!

No-Face Delivery! Silver Enamel pin, 1.5 inches tall, 2 inches wide

All pins are in hand and ready for immediate shipment. $12 each.
Pick them up HERE in the Nakatomi store!

And don’t forget- every order on the site comes with a free “This Machine Kills A.I.” pencil!