Hello Nakatomi Peoples!

Regular Nakatomi contributor, Adam Spizak has blown our socks all the way off with this new illustration, and we’re very happy to present it to you- the Nakatomi Nation!

24×36 edition- limited to just 25 worldwide- $125.

Princess Mononoke – Eyes Unclouded By Hate” Available in both a 24×36″ print with titles (above) and an 18×24 art print (below), this beautiful print features San cradling Moro, while tears stream down her delicate face.

Prints will drop at 2pm Central time on the Nakatomi site in the Adam Spizak section HERE.
Strictly limited to two copies per household.

18×24 edition, limited to just 100 copies worldwide- $60.

All prints are numbered and hand-embossed with Adam’s stylized “S” logo.
Prints will ship within 2 weeks of the on-sale date.

The detail on this print is just amazing, right down to the pommel of her dagger.

Produced in-house at the Nakatomi print labs in Austin, on 355gsm acid-free natural watercolor paper, printed with light-fast archival Ultrachrome inks.

Prints will be available HERE on Wednesday at 2pm Central in the Spizak section of the Nakatomi store.

Moro’s pups (and San’s adopted siblings) peeking into view…

Spizak is a 3-d artist working out of London. He has continuously made art for over 25 years – working with clients in the movie, video game and arts industries. The clients include Disney, The Grammys, Little Nas X, Formula E, Adobe, Cannes Film Festival, among many others.

Follow Adam on Instagram HERE.

Thank you all-
Alex Fugazi