3 new prints from artist CLINT WILSON!

Hello Nakatomi Peoples!

Austin-based artist Clint Wilson has been with us since our first year in business, way back in 2009! He showed Tim Doyle how to print his first screenprints and we’re still using his manual press in the shop through today!

“Osake” 18×24 4-color hand-printed silkscreen, edition of 125.

Clint has consistently put out colorful and engaging art prints and Gig-posters, and we’re happy to spotlight three new releases here!

Clint has traveled Japan extensively, and these prints are inspired by his journeys!
Osake” (pictured above) depicts the varied and decorated Sake barrels found throughout the country.

“Dotonbori” 18×24 4-color hand-printed silkscreen, edition of 100.

“Inspired by a trip to Osaka, this print depicts the famous Dotonbori streets including the Tsutenkaku tower, billiken and the fugu restaurants. Remember that episode of The Simpsons where Homer ate the poisonous blowfish, this is where that famous fish is prepared!” Clint Wilson

“Daruma” 18×24 18×24 4-color hand-printed silkscreen, edition of 100.

“Based on the Japanese doll called ‘Daruma’. They bring good luck and fortune and are also a striking image to see. There is a temple to the north of Osaka filled with daruma called the Katsuo-ji temple where you can see Daruma stacked to bring good luck and fortune,” Clint Wilson.

Each of these are hand-printed, signed, and numbered by the artist himself- all prints are in hand and ready for immediate shipment!

Pick them up HERE NOW in the Clint Wilson section of the Nakatomi store!

-alex fugazi