How’d that guy get that saber? WTF?

Commission artist Tim Doyle to paint you a thing!

Hello Nakatomi Peoples!

Artist and Nakatomi founder, Tim Doyle is ONCE AGAIN opening his commissions for a limited time! This time out things are a little different- instead of just watercolor studies, he’s offering full-color mixed media paintings on 11×15 watercolor board, in an extremely limited qty!

Leonard Bernstein Commission!

There are only 20 slots available, and no more commissions will be sold until all these orders are filled!

Grab yours HERE NOW.

The first orders received will be the first orders painted! No guaranteed dates on delivery, but he’s currently averaging 1-2 a week. If you have a special date in mind, include that in your order info!

Aguirre, The Wrath of God commission!

Ground Rules
-no nudity (but cheesecake is fine)
-Single Characters only.
-characters from comics/ cartoons/ film preferred -no, he will not paint your family or friends.
-Yes, you can order multiples!
-your commission will be shared on Doyle’s Instagram feed HERE. Follow along to see what others are ordering!

Catwoman commission!

Commissions are $400 each. Please leave your desired commission in the comments section of your order- Doyle will reach out to you with confirmation once the order is received!

Pick them up here NOW.

Thank you very much!

Boba Fett Commission!