“Rockstar Ending” 18×24 edition of 150- by artist Tim Doyle

ROCKSTAR ENDING-print by Doyle

Hello Nakatomi Peoples!
Originally commissioned as a book cover for the dystopian sci-fi novel, Rockstar Ending (available HERE) by author Nicola A. Rossi, this illustration by artist Tim Doyle is now available as a limited edition screenprint for the first time! Purchase the print HERE now!

Hand-printed with both metallic silver and gold ink!

“Rockstar Ending” is an 18 x 24″ 8-color hand-printed silkscreened art print- which features both metallic gold and silver ink, and is hand signed and numbered in a limited first edition of just 150 copies worldwide!

Pick one up HERE today!

Print is in hand and ready for immediate shipment!