RogueNASA and Nakatomi are raising money for SCIENCE for the holidays!

Pick these hoodies and shirts up HERE

YOU HAVE UNTIL 12/1 to pick these up, and we will guarantee Christmas Delivery for Domestic (US) orders!

Science is under attack in America, and we’re here to help the resistance (into outer space, if need be). All of Rogue NASA’s proceeds from this sale will be donated to The Mars Generationto help them further their mission to build a better tomorrow, by helping the future scientists and explorers get excited and engaged for STEM and SPACE! 

Or- more specifically- These funds will help Mars Generation send disadvantaged kids to SPACE CAMP!


You can pick up these ultra-warm Hoodies and snazzy shirts RIGHT NOW in the Nakatomi store HERE!

Both the shirts AND the Tees are available in both Royal Blue, and Black- printed right here in the USA!

Note the printed image on the front will measure 9″ across!

Tees are available in Unisex AND Women’s sizes.

Order today, to help science, and help the future, and take care of the budding explorers on your Holiday shopping list!


Thank you all!

-Alex Fugazi