This weekend, Nakatomi will have a booth at FLATSTOCK at the Bumbershoot music festival!  The festival and the poster show runs from Saturday 9/1 to Monday 9/3 (Labor Day) and we’ll be there selling our wares and wearing our sales! (wait..what?)

The booth will be staffed by Nakatomi darling, Zane Thomas!  (by which we mean, he’s just DARLING.)

Zane will be there, rocking the SQUARE reader, taking your money in exchange for awesome art. We will have quite a few prints that aren’t available in-store, and a few sell-outs that were held back for this very event!

So if you’re in the Seattle Area, already attending BUMBERSHOOT- come on by.

Tim Doyle himself would have come, but for some reason, he just keeps having babies and those things take up a LOT OF TIME.

-alex fugazi