Hello World!

For the last couple of years, we here at Nakatomi have had a great relationship with local consignment shops and galleries both here in Austin and all over the world.  From Tokyo to Edinburgh, from London to Paris, galleries and ‘hip’ consignment shops have carried our prints to great success. Well, it’s time to kick this little program WIDE OPEN.

If you, or someone you know, owns a cool little shop or gallery that you think SHOULD carry our prints, give us a shout though our CONTACT FORM and we’ll give them a look!  We have wholesale pricing for shops who want to purchase our in-stock prints outright, and we consider consignment on a case-by-case basis.

We ship product quickly and safely, and keep you stocked when needed!  We started with a small rack of prints at Parts & Labour here in ATX- and within a few short months, the prints had sold so well, they opened up a new shop to sell JUST prints- SHARK ATTACK, which now carries a full range of Nakatomi art-prints and a ton from other local artists!  That’s a fairly good testament to how these prints do when you get ’em in front of people!

So- do give us an email, and don’t forget a link to your store’s website if you got one!

If you’d like references of other shops and to see how they do with our product, hit us up!

-alex fugazi

(note- pictured above is the Blue Genie Oasis here in Austin, and a fairly AWESOME display they have for our prints!)