We here at Nakatomi love the hell outta Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. WTF’s long-form interviews probe deep into their subjects and really get to the heart of what makes their subjects tick.  Marc Maron has transformed from an (admittedly amazing) stand-up to the Barbara Walters of the podcast set- except instead of making celebrities cry, he’s letting us know that Carrot Top is an actual human, and auditioning for SNL can really mess a guy up.  It’s just pure gold, and be it our printers Sean and Zane listening to WTF in the print-shop or Tim Doyle working in his studio, someone at Nakatomi is almost guaranteed to be listening to WTF during any given workday.  

WITH THAT SAID- we were super-enthused to have Jon send us this poster to add to his section of the Nakatomi store!  Printed to promote Marc’s show at The Neptune last Friday, this 18×24 silkscreen features florescent inks, and is signed and numbered by Jon in an edition of 100.  We’ll only have 60 for sale, as the rest went to the venue. Apparently, Marc took the poster up on stage and talked about how much he dug it!  If ANYONE has video or a pic of this, send it on, as we’d love to show it off!

In case you missed it, this poster is a call-back to the final Lenny Bruce gigposter from his performances at the Fillmore back in 1966, pictured below-


The Marc Maron print is available in the Nakatomi Store RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE!

alex fugazi.