It’s a good deal.  Just ask Lesko there.

It’s the end of our first year of business, and it’s time for us to clean house!

So, what do we got for you?  TUBES!

For $40 you’ll get 5 prints from Nakatomi Print labs.  Some will be 100% beautifully perfect, some will be ALMOST there, and at least ONE in each tube will be a unique one of a kind TEST SHEET.

What’s a test sheet?  Well, since you asked-

In screenprinting, one of the things we do to check the screen before we start the run proper is to print a test on a piece of scrap paper.  And, since that piece of scrap paper gets used multiple times, you get some crazy-ass images.  Imagine a piece of a Burwell on top of a Paul Pope background, with a gradation pattern test thrown in.  Take a look at a select few-

test sheet 1

test sheet 2test sheet 3

These are all truly one of a kind, and many are double sided!

There will be only 25 tubes made, and we will be randomly inserting in 5 of the AP editions of Tim Doyle’s sold out White Dragon prints that have not been released to the public.  There were only 20 AP’s ever produced!  AND- some of the prints thrown in here have NOT YET EVEN BEEN RELEASED, or stuff that’s NEVER been for sale on the site.  How’s them apples?

5 posters, one completely unique, and only $40.  Get on it right HERE.

Our last tube sale blew outta here in just a few hours, don’t be left out! If you have ordered from us before, we’ll do our best to put brand new stuff in there for you! Same if you order 2 tubes!

-alex fugazi