So, we’ve been working on this one for a while, and it’s JUST NOW able for us to announce it-

Famous Monsters of Filmland holds a place near and dear to all our hearts here at Nakatomi.  FMoFL is the fulcrum around which our nerdness spins.  The legacy of Forrest J Ackerman and crew lives large in our psyche.

So, imagine our surprise to get a call from Famous Monsters of Filmland saying they want to work with US, and they’re already fans of our work!  So we’re proud to announce 2 SDCC limited edition prints from Nakatomi studios’ own print shop!

We tapped the artistic mastery of Nick Derington, the lead animator on A Scanner, Darkly,  comic book illustrator, and  all around renaissance man, to produce both prints!

Nick drew up this stunning print that encapsulates everything we’ve ever loved about monsters, all at once:


This is an 18×24 hand-pulled silkscreened print, limited to 225 copies world wide, and Famous Monsters is JUST GIVING IT AWAY to people at the booth this weekend at the convention!  RUN, don’t walk down there AS FAST AS YOU CAN!  Nakatomi SHOULD have some of these available later.

And…since this will be the first convention since the passing of the man, the myth, the legend himself, Forrest J Ackerman, FM asked us to pay tribute!


A 12×18 2 color hand-pulled silkscreeen print, this is limited to less than 100 worldwide, and will only be available at the Famous Monsters booth at  Comic-Con this year.  Signed and numbered by the artist, this is sure to be gone FAST, and will NOT be available later on Nakatomi, so don’t sit on your hands…get down there!

Trust us, this is just the start of Nakatomi and Famous Monsters of Filmland!

-alex fugazi