Back in 2001-2003, Nakatomi founder Tim Doyle kept a comic book diary.  Every day, he did a 3-panel strip, depicting what he did that day.  Often humourous, sometimes sad, these comics were collected on a monthly basis and distributed around Austin in comic shops and coffee shops and bookstores…for free, under the title of ‘Amazing Adult Fantasy.’   And, due to popular demand, he started collecting these issues into 6-month books.  The first 3 six month chunks were released in 2003, and those books have been out of print for years.  BUT- in preparing the Nakatomi Silkscreen shop (meaning, cleaning the garage), we stumbled across a large stash of those collections, and now have the final copies of Amazing Adult Fantasy Volumes 1-3 up for sale in the Accessories section of the Nakatomi store!

– alex fugazi