Hmm…what’s this I found on my doorstep today?


My address is blurred to protect you from me beating you silly when you show up on my doorstep

An overnight package from ILM?  Oh yeah.

So, a while back, I got an email from the fine folks at ILM saying they’d love to use the ‘Change Into a Truck’ image on some staff shirts.  And what do ya know-

Comp copies all for me!

Comp copies all for me!

Oh damn that’s cool.

I sent them the files and they were nice enuff to send me a comp copy of the shirt!  (Size FAT.)  And the coolest thing was on the back-



That is SO AWESOME!  And they gave us a nice little letter-

Who says letter writing is dead in this modern age?

Who says letter writing is dead in this modern age?

Wow!  Transformers 2 owes me big time!  No problem, Michael Bay!  No problem George Lucas!  All I ask is 5 minutes with Megan Fox…that’s fair, right?  Meeeeoooow.

Now, here’s hoping the movie is good!  At least I know the VFX crew is wearing some bitchin’ t-shirts!

Nakatomi- you’re welcome, world.  You’re welcome.

-alex fugazi