I love it when the FedEx man wakes me up at 9 am.  Thanks FedEx man! I was totally doing something awesome in my sleep.  But at least he always has gifts-


Yes, the ‘Change Into a Truck prints are finally here, and they’re shipping as we speak!  (I put the slave labor to work…) they’ll start hitting the post office tomorrow, and you should see them 3-5 days after that (if you’re domestic) and a week or more if you’re overseas. Big UPS to the fine folk at D and L screenprinting for the great work!


(Don’t ask about Mario back there…)

BUT- if you missed out on the first run, I’ll have a VERY LIMITED AMOUNT of these for sale starting Thursday the 12th (that’s like…today) at 1pm.  I got such an overwhelming response to the poster, I couldn’t possibly fairly give them out to everyone who emailed, so it’s a first come, first served basis.  But you peoples get to find out about it first because you read THE STUFF BLOG and subscribe to the MAILING LIST, right?


And, if you miss out on this one again, you can always console yourself with some of the STICKER SETS we have up!

We should have some great new prints dropping next week, so keep your eyes on the site!

-alex fugazi