Okay…okay.  I give up.  This is the greatest freaking thing in the world.  A wearable computer rig that will allow you to immerse yourself in wi-fi, allowing the data stream flow around you, augmenting your reality.  Now, this is just the test model…once you get this thing miniaturized, there will be no stopping this.  It’s one of those emergent technologies that we didn’t know we needed until we saw it.  The video is completely amateur, and there’s little audio, but the complete amazing-ness of this technology is evident to anyone with half a brain.

Check it-

These MIT guys did this with existing tech- a web cam and a tiny projector.  Get someone behind it like Sony or Apple, and you will instantly revolutionize the way people buy, read, take pictures, anything.  The commercial applications of this device are endless, and THAT is why it will happen.

The future is now.

-alex fugazi