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Bernie Wrightson’s “I Shall Be With You”  silkscreen print

This Tuesday at around 2pm Central Time, Nakatomi will release the second print in our Bernie Wrightson Frankenstein series- “I Shall Be With You”.  This stunning 24×36 hand-printed silk-screen is signed by Bernie in a hand-numbered edition of 200.

Part of the joy of this project for us has been getting to talk with Bernie and his wife Liz, about art, the industry we’re in, and the amazing experiences he’s had in the world of comics and film over the last 40+ years.  It has been a supreme honor to introduce his work to the world of screen-printed art collectors- some who are discovering him for the first time, and others who have been fans for a long, long time.

bernie studio

We got to visit Bernie’s home studio here in Austin a few weeks back, and let me tell you- this pic is only a tiny part of the awesome contained therein. Every corner is packed with curious and strange artifacts. An artist’s studio is his castle- and to be allowed into this space was a rare gift.  Best of all- no computer art apparatus to be found! Bernie is still doing it all by hand, like a champ!

These high-quality reproductions of his original pen and ink drawings from over 30 years ago would not be possible if it weren’t for his legion of fans who helped track down the original pieces that had been sold to collectors decades ago. A good chunk of these original pieces were in the collection of director Frank Darabont- not only just a fan of Bernie’s-  Frank has employed Bernie’s staggering talents for his film, The Mist.

See a pic of the actual print below-

with you detail

“I Shall Be With You” is the only ‘double page spread’ in the entirety of Bernie’s original Illustrated Frankenstein book- published back in 1983  from Marvel comics, and so to capture the detail of this piece- we went with the larger size.

Printed on heavyweight 130lb Cougar Natural paper- these prints are in hand and ready for immediate shipment.

The LAST PRINT in the series sold out very quickly, and then the secondary market on these prints got fairly silly, quickly. We’ve upped the edition size this time out, and upgraded to a larger server from our E-comm provider which should smooth out some of the check-out headaches, but inevitably, some people will get shut out- and for that, we apologize in advance.

Please be HERE ON THE NAKATOMI SITE to purchase this print on Tuesday 4/2 around 2pm CENTRAL TIME. We will announce via Twitter when the prints are officially live.

Thank you-

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  • Clayton Hopper

    This is amazing! Bernie’s detail is just breathtaking, really looking forward to seeing it in person! And great news to hear about the server and 200 in this run, now just fingers crossed I can get one at drop. :-)

  • David

    Pretty please in the future just “drop” the poster at a random time. There are a ton of us out there that don’t follow twitter and don’t plan on it any time soon. Let’s make this fair for everyone!

  • otterbot

    hahahahahahhahahaha! Fair for EVERYONE. good one.

  • danny s

    ugh, slimy shyster resellers fuck off. wish only people that actually want to hang the print could buy it. you people ruin everything that is good.

  • Pete T

    Booo! Sold out already?!?!?

  • Pete T

    …and Server error messages. Way to go Titan-class server.

  • Xteve

    Couldn’t even view or load the store page once. Boo.

  • danny s

    so much for the “server upgrade”.

  • danny s

    phew! snagged one! thanks. server company owes you your upgrade fee back.

  • danny s

    i wouldn’t put it past the reseller reptiles causing the trouble: spamming the cart system, drinking our milkshake.

  • Swen

    Sold out already? 18 minutes after 2pm CST?

  • taffytklown

    It’s good to know that I wasn’t he only person that was having issues with this page…

  • Swen

    There still seems to be some available, at least I could add 1 to the cart. Now waiting for the cart to show up and start with the check out. It has been 3 minutes so far just on this page, now it turned white. Come on…..I like this print.

  • Steve Harris

    Got one. 40 minutes of in the cart, out of the cart, server error, repeat. Glad I hung in.

  • taffytklown

    Done with this company… After 55 minutes, finally got in to place order, input my mailing info, server error came up, had to start all over again, went back in, and now zero left… Thanks a whole lot for nothing! Will not be purchasing on the secondary market… Have to go without…