dr who daleks web final


Dr. Who and the Daleks!

Nakatomi founder, Tim Doyle, was commissioned to created this official Dr. Who and the Daleks print for UNDER THE FLOORBOARDS!

This 20×36 6-color silkscreen print is signed and numbered by the artist in an edition of 200 world wide. This print will ONLY be available on the Under the Floorboards site- as it’s a UK exclusive- BUT, this being the internet and all, you will be able to pick this up on their website starting on TUESDAY.  Out of the edition of 200, only 65 will be available online, the remainder will be exclusive to various conventions and events in and around the UK.

Print features metallic gold ink, and also GLOWS IN THE DARK!  Here’s a mock-up of the glow-

glow mock up

These prints will start printing next week, and should be shipping out shortly thereafter- but give it 3-4 weeks for delivery, as there’s a bit of Trans-atlantic shipping going on with this! 

This print will NOT EVER be available for sale on the Nakatomi site (again, UK exclusive), so do head on over to UNDER THE FLOORBOARDS on Tuesday to pick one up!

-alex fugazi