Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein

Bernie Wrightson is a legend of pen and ink. Having worked in comic books for over 40 years now, Wrightson is a legend in the industry, and an illustrator supreme. His illustrated version of the original Frankenstein novel by Mary Shelley was created over a seven year period, and originally published by Marvel Comics in 1983.  His attention to detail and painstaking linework has inspired a generation of illustrators working in comics, film, and has even left its mark on the world of screen printed art.

If you’re unfamiliar with his name- you have most certainly seen his work. He has done creature design and concepts for such great films as Ghosbusters (notably- the Library Ghost), The Mist, and Serenity. Wrightson’s comic work found itself animated in the original Heavy Metal movie, and his illustrations for Stephen King’s Cycle of the Werewolf novel helped propel the book to screen as Silver Bullet.  And he’s the co-creator of Swamp Thing!

It is with great honor that Nakatomi can present the inaugural release in a “Frankenstein” series of high-quality slik-screen prints by Bernie.  The original pen and ink drawings of this set are in art-collector’s archives around the world, owned by fans and artists and film directors alike. These prints are shot from scans of those originals- used in the 25th anniversary edition of the book.

“A Filthy Process” is a 20×30 print on Cougar Natural Cover, signed by Bernie in a numbered edition of only 100.

We had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Bernie since he relocated to Austin a little while back, and he’s been a joy to work with.

“A Filthy Process” will be available on 3/12 TUESDAY around 2pm Central Time on in the Art Prints section.

Prints are in hand and ready for immediate shipment.

Detail pictures of the actual print below- attempting to highlight the staggering line work and detail-



Thank you- see you HERE on the site at 2pm Central time on Tuesday 3/12.

-alex fugazi

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  • Mathieu Chalifoux

    How much ?

  • Clayton Hopper


  • postulio

    yay I got one.

  • Mathieu Chalifoux

    Seriously…fix your site. I missed this even though I’ve been here since 2pm. I’m very dissapointed in your online store. But I know I’m just one small customer and your print sold out anyway !

  • Nathan Beach

    Yeah, I don’t really know what to say. The Network Solutions store platform we pay a lot of money is fine 98% of the time, but it cannot handle that much traffic at once (90+ orders all at once in today’s case). We’re not Amazon for god’s sake… but it would be nice if the store would at least be extremely slow and consistent rather than chaotic and unpredictable. I can’t tell you how many complaints I’ve filed over the last four years.

  • Pterry

    I would like to know how many are going to be in this series. Will it be all of the drawings from the book?

  • Rafael Adelo

    I hope this isn’t one of the cases where they just print more, nice to have a limited ed from Bernie.

  • Guest

    I got one, but it was a bear! 40 minutes in the cart, out of cart, server error, repeat. Glad I stuck with it!

  • Guest

    Oh, it was $69.99 including shipping.