You wanna get nuts! Let’s GET NUTS!

The 15th Anniversary Mystery Tube sale is HERE!

Hello Nakatomi Peoples!

Can you believe it’s been over a year since our last Mystery Tube Sale? Can you believe we’ve been doing these for 15 years?!?!

For our 15th anniversary and to note the launch of the new Nakatomi site- We knew we had to make this one special! Instead of loading up the tubes with our usual assortment of awesome- we went with BRAND-NEW AWESOME! We commissioned all new prints from artists EMEK, Jay Ryan, Tracie Ching, Josh Budich, and COOP! No we’re not gonna reveal ’em- but we will give you a little TEASE BELOW-

These never-before seen prints were created just for this tube sale- not available anywhere else!

There are THREE separate tubes for purchase, each with it’s own unique print assortment!
Only 100 of EACH tube, 300 tubes total.
1 Shiny Object watercolor portrait (your pick)
1 Unique one-of-a-kind Test Print
–2 Of the new artist screen prints
-1 More screen print!

5 prints, $50- you can’t go wrong! (Unless you try to eat the tube. Don’t do that.)

Tubes will be available for purchase HERE in the New and Featured category in the new Nakatomi store at 2pm Thursday the 11th!

Purchase ALL 3 tubes, you will receive all 6 new artist screenprints, all 3 Shiny Objects, 3 unique test prints, AND 3 more randomly selected screenprints! Tubes available HERE at 2pm on Thursday!


New Shiny Object watercolor prints- 1 per tube, max edition of 100 each! 12×16 signed and numbered edition exclusive to this tube sale!

Three new “Shiny Object” watercolor paintings! High quality Giclées, printed on natural watercolor paper with archival ink. Choose which print you want!
These 12 x 16″ editions are exclusive to this Mystery Tube Sale! Edition size determined by the number of orders received- maximum edition of 100 each.
Signed and numbered by artist, Tim Doyle. One per tube, select the print you want when you purchase!


Examples of Test prints from past tube sales!

Unique test prints with each order!
As regular buyers of our TEST PRINTS know, these test prints are always a fast seller- here’s your chance to get one in a tube!
A test print is like 4 prints flying at your eyes at ONCE! A byproduct of the screen printing process, we run screens on test paper as we’re working on multiple projects, and what you get is a random collage of color and shapes on a single sheet, until it’s ‘done’ and throw it on our stack of completed prints! 

5 prints, $50- you can knock off gifts for 5 people all at once, letting you take care of all the special little monsters on your shopping list!

Get your clicky fingers ready- we’ve never had a Nakatomi tube sale NOT sell out. Pick them up HERE!

SHIPPING NOTE- All prints are in hand and ready to ship- tubes will all ship by the end of July!

-alex fugazi