Celebrate 40 years of Wrightson’s FRANKENSTEIN!

Hello Nakatomi peoples out there in Wrightson World!

Bernie Wrightson was an artist with an impressive career that spanned decades. Comics, film, book illustration, his multiple collaborations with Stephen King…the list is endless.
But ONE project of his stands out above all the rest, Bernie’s illustrated edition of Mary Shelley’s horror classic, Frankenstein, which was originally published 40 years ago by Marvel Comics in 1983.

“…I Shall Be With You On Your Wedding Night” is a drawing to lose yourself in for hours…

The entire book features dozens of flawlessly executed illustrations, but one piece stands out from all the rest: “I Shall Be With You on Your Wedding Night.”

Printed on a 1/4″ sheet of birch, and lightly varnished, this edition is limited to 40 copies worldwide.

The original art sold back in 2019 for a record breaking $1.2 million dollars, and was hailed by the auction house as “…the finest fantasy ink drawing of the 20th century, if not of all time.”

Nakatomi and the Wrightson Estate are marking this 40th anniversary with the release of this special hand-printed limited edition of “Wedding Night”, available HERE now.

The natural wood grain of the panel is a beautiful surface to feature the line work of this masterpiece.

Available in two editions-

  • 30×20 hand-printed silkscreen art print, numbered and embossed in a limited edition of 400, printed on super fine white Arches 355gsm printmaking paper. $75 each, limit 2 per household.
  • 30×20 hand-printed WOOD PANEL, numbered in a limited edition of 40, printed on a sheet of fine birch, and sprayed with a light, protective varnish. Panels are $400 each, limit 2 per household.
Paper edition, printed on super-lush Arches 355gsm paper, sharply captures Wrightson’s stunning lines.

The paper edition will ship by mid-December (US delivery by Christmas), and the wood edition will ship in February of 2024.

Prints are available HERE now.

Thank you all for your continued support- it has been our extreme privilege to continue our work with the Wrightson Estate!

As always, the artist’s share of the proceeds will go to Liz Wrightson.

-alex fugazi