Hello Nakatomi Peoples!

Artist Tim Doyle has yet again teamed up with the wonderful people at Spoke Art Gallery with this entry into their “Anime LA” show!

“King of the Hill is the Best Anime” isn’t just the name of this print, it’s an inarguable FACT! There will be no further questions! Paying tribute to Arlen’s finest on his way to deliver some Propane JUSTICE, despite his Diminished Glutes! Taste the MEAT, not the HEAT, my friend!

Available TOMORROW, Thursday the 28th, this 6-color, 18×24 hand-printed silk-screened art print is signed and numbered by Doyle in a first edition of 100 copies worldwide! Prints retail at $40, and are in hand at SpokeArt! Hit up their website HERE and check out the rest of the releases when they all go live on Thursday, June 29th at 10am PT at Spoke-Art.com.

Big thanks to Devin Kraft for the translation help!


Alex Fugazi