RWBY 4-print set by the incredible Yin Shian Ng!

Hello Nakatomi peoples!

Last year, we teamed up yet again with our old friends at Rooster Teeth, and brought one of our favorite artists, Yin Shian Ng onboard to tackle the art!

RWBY #1- Ruby- AP copies- $50 each

Available HERE now, are all 4 parts of this amazing RWBY street fight scene- each 18×24 print creates an interlocking panorama of the RWBY gang fighting off some Grimms!

RWBY #2- Weiss- AP Copies- $50 each

We ORIGINALLY were going to release these AP copies at the annual Rooster Teeth Expo here in Austin Texas, but…you know…2020 happened and UGH. But here we are, now! 2021 is looking up! (kinda?)

RWBY #3 “Blake” AP Copies- $50 each

Shian really knocked this set out of the park, and we’re always happy to get her on board from projects!
All four 18×24″ prints are in hand and ready for immediate shipment, pick them up HERE.

RWBY #4- “Yang” AP Copies- $50

You can pick them all up for $50 each- OR , buy the full set of 4 for just $150!

All are available HERE now in the Shian Ng section of the Nakatomi store!

Thank you all!

-alex fugazi