Nakatomi Gift Certificates! Now Available!


Hello Nakatomi Peoples!

This is the first holiday season that Nakatomi is offering Digital Gift Certificates!

Pick them up HERE in the Gift Certificate section of the Nakatomi store!

Available in $25, $50, and $100 amounts, these digital gift cards are transferable to the recipient, and NEVER EXPIRE! They’re good for any purchase on the site, until the END OF TIME!

Get them HERE!

Buy stuff! And things! With the Gift Certificates! Do it!

Here’s how it works-
1- you order the gift certificate.
2- you’ll receive an email with the certificate code
3- give that code to the recipient
4- enter code at checkout
It’s that simple!

Buy one HERE today!

Remaining funds can be used for future purchases!

Order one today for the art collector in your life, or for yourself to use IN THE FUTURE! Thank you all so much! Onward and upward!

-alex fugazi