“A House Divided” by Peter Diamond!

Nakatomi is proud to present our first release from artist Peter Diamond!

“A House Divided” is an 18×24 Giclee printed in a hand-numbered edition of 150 worldwide. Produced in-house at the Nakatomi Print Labs, and printed on acid-free natural watercolor paper with archival UltraChrome inks!

Available in the Art Print section of the Nakatomi store at 2pm today, Thursday 10/29 HERE.

from Peter Diamond-

It’s somehow perfect that this print is coming out in 2020. I first sketched the idea about 7 years ago, and finished the piece in late 2019, but in the months since Tim and I first discussed it as a Nakatomi release it’s gained meaning in ways I couldn’t have predicted.

At it’s core it’s about the way a person can become divided against themself, privately split in two. The house in this design is based on my own personal history with that inner division, but by now it’s taken on a broader meaning thanks to the isolation we’ve all experienced this year.  And today, this idea of a fragmentated spirit seems to apply as much to nations and communities as it did to my own life when I first drew this picture.

Stunning details, expertly rendered will have you staring at this print for hours.

“A House Divided” will be available HERE at 2pm Central Time on the Nakatomi site. Print will retail for $40 each. Limit 2 per household.

-alex fugazi