New “Akira” inspired print by Yin Shian Ng- available Thursday 2pm Central
Hello Na

“Bakuhatsu” by Yin Shian Ng- Available 9/17!

Hello Nakatomi Peoples!

“Bakuhatsu” by Singapore based artist, Yin Shian Ng will be available this Thursday the 17th at 2pm Central in her section of the Nakatomi store HERE!

Click on the image for a larger view!

Bakuhatsu” (Translation- “Explosion”) measures 18×24″ and is stamped and hand-numbered in a limited edition of 150 copies world wide. Prints will retail for $40.

This image was originally created for an art show in Singapore that unfortunately was cancelled due to COVID-19. We’re very happy we were able to help Shian bring this piece to fruition and offer it to the Nakatomi Nation!

The artist dividing the ground into intersecting planes and varying tones and hatching gives this piece a novel, illustrative pop-art feel

Nakatomi has been collaborating with Shian since early 2017, publishing her first Screenprint, and producing some of our favorite Gigposters we’ve released to date!

Here’s a look at some of Shian’s past prints- still available on Nakatomi!

“Bakuhatsu” is in hand and ready for shipment, and will be available HERE in the Nakatomi store at 2pm Central on 9/17.

And- check out Shian’s website HERE for more excellent work!

-alex fugazi