Hey all! Tim Doyle here.

Today, I turn 42. Tomorrow, January 15th, Nakatomi turns 10.

10 years of work and growth and memories. I started Nakatomi in my back bedroom with just the driving need to work for myself. My wife Angie took the leap with me, and we’ve never looked back.

Mid 2008, I started working with my long time friend, Nathan Beach to build out the website and help me get everything running. If it wasn’t for him, none of this would exist. Nathan still maintains my websites to this day.

Mid 2009, I became friends with local artist Clint Wilson, and we built our first print shop in my garage, and Clint taught me how to print.

Shortly after, I was approached by Ken Hashimoto and I was in his first art show, “Bad Dads” at Spoke Art.

Late 2011, we moved from my garage into a warehouse space here in Austin, owned by my longtime t-shirt printer, AJL Advertising, and we got all new equipment, racks, etc. We were now a full-fledged production space.

In 2011, Ken and I started talking about a solo art show at SpokeArt, and that became UnReal Estate, which opened in February of 2012.

Soon after we hired Tyler Skaggs who became our shop-manager, and he streamlined the operation and took most of the day-to-day off my shoulders.

My sister in law, Andrea, soon took over our bookkeeping and payroll duties, freeing me up to draw and plan more.

My employees, past and present- from Aaron deGruyter, to Dan Grissom, to Alex Baber, and our newest, Sydney Roper– all of them helped me get where I am today, and are helping me get where I’ll be tomorrow.

All these people, these lucky breaks, all these chances I was afforded- all of it- is humbling. Nobody does something like this alone.. I’ve worked with 100’s of artists, had galleries and shops all over the world carry our work. Clients from George Strait to Marvel Comics to Metallica– on and on.
Through it all, there’s been a growing group of customers and fans- many of whom have become dear friends, that supported us all along. None of this happens without them.

10 years of doing pretty much exactly what I want to, every day. I’m really lucky. And everyone I met along the way has helped me make that luck.

Thank you, everyone.

Now I need a nap.

-Tim Doyle

-Austin TX. 2019