Introducing the Nakatomi Penny Print!  For 2017 we’ll have a series of prints from artists we dig, approximately once a month, and each one will be just one penny! Here’s the catch- you MUST buy one other print in order to get this in your tube! So pick this one up HERE and grab one other print, and it’s yours while supplies last!

Here’s the info on this first entry in the series! –

Like many of us, we here at Nakatomi were inspired by Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech, as well as her fond words for the departed Carrie Fisher. Austin based artist (and sometimes Nakatomi employee) Lindsey Verrill was moved to create this letterpress print. We saw it, and said- HEY- let’s spread the love.

These 12×18 letterpress prints are produced on a 1940’s era Linoscribe press, with hand-set type from the 1800’s, all in Lindsey’s garage studio. Again- this is a 75 year old press with 150+ year-old type- still in use, a real testament to the history of print-making.


Go HERE, and add one to your shopping cart. (You can only add one per order).

THEN, Go to the store page, and add ONE other print by any other artist on the site!

Note– you must add a PRINT– not a sticker or book or t-shirt, this has to be combined with an item that ships in a TUBE.  If you order this with something else that doesn’t ship in a tube, you will only receive the ‘something else’.

We only have 200 copies– so first come first served- once the item isn’t available to add to your cart, we’re sold out!

Look for the next print in the Penny Print series soon!

Lindsey Verrill is a teacher, musician and artist who has been living and working in Austin. You can check out her work on her site HERE.

This same print is currently on her site for $20 if you’d prefer to get it directly from her (instead of from us for a penny, plus another print purchase).