Well, so THAT happened.

From Doyle-

“Back in 2008, the one piece that really broke me out wide to the world was my ‘Change Into a Truck’ print, a playful fun parody of Obey’s Obama ‘Change/Hope’ stuff. This above image was made in a response to it, and hasn’t been available for purchase in almost 8 years now. This seemed to be a good time to bring this one back. But don’t lose hope, we’ve got a plan. I will donate 50% of the profits made on this, AND ALL sales on my prints in this time period to, a queer-positive safe-space for children of all identities here in Austin, Texas. I, like many people are deeply troubled how this recent development will affect gay and trans-youth, who already suffer much higher incidences of abuse and suicide. If anyone has any questions, feel free to hit me up. We can recover, and we can move past this. Despite what that fascist dictator hate-monger bully (talking about Megatron) says, you can’t destroy all hope.”

Destroy all hope is an 18×24 hand-printed silkscreen poster, available as a timed edition from now until Nov 14th, and as a Foil edition of 50.

Also- if you’d prefer something more optimistic for your wall, we are also donating 50% of all profits on both ‘Got to Be Kind’ and ‘Change into a Truck’ sales made from now until Monday.


Got to Be Kind available HERE.


Change into a Truck available HERE.

Thank you.

Be good to each other.

-alex fugazi