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THE BURGLAR- by Mark Lone

The trilogy is FINALLY complete! “The Burglar”- the final print in artist Mark Lone’s 3-piece set is now on sale on Nakatomi HERE!

This beautiful 18×13 hand-printed silkscreen poster features metallic gold ink on the treasure hoard! It’s really a stunner in person, and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

The regular edition is 75 hand-numbered copies worldwide, and we also have a TINY edition of just 35 Iridescent Foil prints as well (below)

SMAUG FOIL full web

This foil paper skews to the warm end of the spectrum when the light hits the surface just right, giving the treasure and eye a writhing, living feel to it. It’s quite stunning once you get your hands on it.

Note- the foil is NOTORIOUSLY hard to photograph, as it’s essentially a mirror!


Regular Edition of 75 / Foil Edition of 35

Prints are available for purchase NOW in the ART PRINTS SECTION of the Nakatomi store HERE.

Thank you all so much!

-alex fugazi