New prints from Tyler Skaggs!


Tyler Skaggs isn’t just a printer here at Nakatomi, he’s also an artist with a wicked sense of humor, and a fellow Adventure Time fan. The above print, “I Want to Believe,” produced by Tyler was randomly included in with recent Mystery Tube orders, and we had such a response to them, that we’ve decided to offer them on our site on their own, as well as the below “The Ice King and his Penguins.”


Both prints are hand-printed, measure 16×20, and are signed by the artist in an open edition.

I Want to Believe” is a send up of the classic X-files image, with the half-eaten Lemongrab 2 in his flying saucer. (This is one of the craziest string of words I have ever written)

Simon and his Penguins” is referencing the classic sculpture, Ugolino and His Sons by Carpeaux.  (Look it up and learn something!)

Both these prints are in hand and ready for immediate shipment, for sale in the ART PRINTS section of the Nakatomi store!

-alex fugazi