boss fight- 3 up

UPDATE 2/10- Our KICKSTARTER for the NEW EDITION of these is NOW LIVE!- come on in HERE and join the fun!

BOSS FIGHT! By Nick Derington- on sale TODAY!

UPDATE- 1/14 We are definitely going to be doing a re-release of these prints in the near future- don’t fret!


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Artist Nick Derington has produced these absolutely stunning set of 3 hand-printed silkscreen prints, and we here at Nakatomi couldn’t be more pleased to present them to you- the Nakatomi Nation!

Nick has done work for DC Comics, Marvel, Mondo, and even was the lead animator for the “Scanner, Darkly” movie, among a TON of other stuff over the years. You can see his portfolio website HERE.

These hand-printed silkscreen art prints will be on sale on the Nakatomi website on TUESDAY 1/13 at 2pm CENTRAL time HERE.

Each print measures 12×24 and is signed and numbered in editions of 100 each. Individual prints will be $40 each. Matched numbered sets of all 3 will be available for $100 each.

There will also be available in a GLOW IN THE DARK edition of 30 each- retailing for $50 per print.

Here is a mock-up of them glowing!

glow 3 up

These prints will appear at the top of the ART PRINTS section of the Nakatomi Store here on TUESDAY at 2pm Central!

Here’s some larger images of the prints below!

You can see images of the actual production in the Nakatomi Flickr feed HERE.

The-Pig The-Lizard The-Brain

Prints are in hand and will ship w/in 48 hours of the on-sale!

AS MENTIONED ABOVE- We now have a KICKSTARTER for a new edition of these CURRENTLY LIVE!- go HERE to get ’em!

-alex fugazi