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“The WIRE” print set returns- at Hero Complex Gallery!

Artist Tim Doyle’s long-out-of-print poster set featuring just about EVERY single character from the TV show- THE WIRE, is now available as a part of Hero Complex Gallery’s ‘I AM THE LAW’ show currently on display!

And this time- the prints are presented in a much larger 24×36 format! (the prints originally measured 18×26).  These hand-printed posters are each signed and numbered in an edition of 50 each, and will not be reprinted at this size.

Available HERE NOW at the Hero Complex Gallery store!

Print titles-

‘All the Pieces Matter’ (blue) Cops

‘This Game is Rigged’ (red) Barksdale gang

‘My Name is my Name’ (brown) Marlo’s Gang, the ‘street’, and the kids

‘Prometheus Bound’ (green) Docks and City Hall

-alex fugazi