skrillex poster preview- AMSTERDAM

SKRILLEX Tour poster by Doyle!

Tim Doyle was tapped by Skrillex’ management to produce a poster for his recent show in Amsterdam! Skrillex wanted to keep these very limited and rare, so only 100 copies of each print on the tour were made! Nakatomi will only have 20 for sale, and this poster can never be reprinted!

This 4-color print measures 18×24, and features florescent inks and a split fountain! Please note- because of the nature of florescent inks, some of the colors came out POPPING bright and the overlay of the green and pink layers (the ground) came out definitely more orange than the muddy green as seen in the preview jpg.

Also- under a black light, this print might actually come alive and do battle with you for your soul. I’m not saying that WILL happen, but it might be a good idea to have a sword handy. Just saying.

Print is available HERE NOW in the Nakatomi store!

-alex fugazi