Just in time for Halloween! Garbage Flesh Eaters! Zombies X Garbage Pail Kids!

Omar Hauksson has created this AMAZINGLY gross 5-print set mashing up your favorite Horror Icons with Zombies and Garbage Pail Kids! It’s like a triple threat of bloody, virus infested pop-culture effluvia flying at your eyeballs ALL AT ONCE.

romero web

Each one of these 9×12 fine-art archival Giclee prints are hand-numbered in editions of only 50 worldwide!

Every order for a print includes a randomly inserted ‘B’ set trading-card sized sticker that has the traditional ‘Alternate’ names! If you order a full-set of prints, you get the FULL set of 5 B-stickers!



All the prints will be available this TUESDAY 10/15 between 1 and 2pm Central Time. They’ll be available at this LINK HERE.

Individual prints will be $25, and the full set of 5 will be $100- and include the full sticker set.

Check out the detail shots below!

obannon web

Oily O’Bannon!

george web

Gored George!

fulchi web

Flesh Eating Fulci!

amando web

Antiquated Amando!

Remember, see you on the site on TUESDAY, and Pick up the prints HERE when the time comes!

Remember- we’re also still giving away prints from our FREE SERIES with every order, while supplies last!

-alex fugazi