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From Tim Doyle- “Geof Darrow is without a doubt, my favorite comic book artist. His work influenced me HEAVILY at a young age- I read his Hard Boiled comic when I was about 12, and it really kinda messed me up in the most special way possible. So when Aye Jay told me he got Geof to contribute to this month’s release, I was super-floored. I am very, very proud to present this set to the Nakatomi Nation!”

Instead of our normal 7″ print set, we went BIG BIG this time around with Geof’s amazing print, and upsized it to a glorious 12″ square, and printed it on super-fine French Paper Speckletone!  Includes two standard sized prints by Aye Jay featuring everyone’s favorite ‘Draw This Turtle’ through Aye Jay’s particular cracked lens!

You get 3 great prints packed in custom printed 12″ chipboard record jackets- all in matched numbered sets- edition of 100!  Here’s a peek at the jackets, fresh from printing!- with Doyle turtle art!


Sets are available for purchase RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!

-alex fugazi