Deniro sticker set

De Niro X 6 Sticker sets!

Stickers! Everyone love stickers! Like a baseball bat to the head, made of awesome sauce. (Incidentally, if you hit your head with a baseball bat hard enough, awesome-sauce is what comes out.)

Our LONG sold-out DeNiro X 6 print is back as a set of 6 6×6 Vinyl stickers- ready to stick on your guitar-case, luggage, or 1970’s era NYC Taxi Cab.

Just like our other quality stickers, I’ve never known these to fade or crack or peel! (I’ve had a couple on my vehicle since early 2009 with no wear evident!)

As always- FREE SHIPPING on Sticker orders in the USA!

Pick up a set (or our other stickers) in the NAKATOMI STORE HERE.