Jacob Borshard has a few new art prints up for sale in the JACOB section of the Nakatomi store!

Above is pictured ‘Ciclista Matches’ a painstakingly restored version of a Swedish matchbook from the 1800’s, the very dawn of cycling!  (According to him, at least… we here at Nakatomi believe bicycles were given to us by ancient aliens in Mesopotamia…but that’s neither here nor there).  This matchbook recreation combines our two favorite things here at Nakatomi- riding bikes and setting things on fire! Print measures 16×24 and is signed and numbered by Jacob in a tiny edition of only 50.

Jacob’s second new print reproduces an antique 1800s era Swedish matchbook label featuring an early wax cylinder phonograph machine!

Print measures 16×20 in an even tinier edition of only 40!

This electric-neon Virgin Mother is Jacob’s recreation of what is considered the FIRST EVER depiction of the Virgin de Guadalupe- printed as the cover of a religious pamphlet entitled ‘Huei Tlamahuitzoltica’, written in native Nahuatl and published by Luis Lasso de la Vega in 1649.  Featuring 2 split fountains!

These prints and more are available right now in the Jacob Borshard section of the Nakatomi store!

-alex fugazi