Giant In The Boulders

It’s been a bit since Jacob had a new print up for sale, and we’re SUPER happy to have him on back in the studio!  Between turning his car into a Batmobile (SEE IT HERE) and going on an international tour to promote his music (and you know…see Europe), he’s been a busy dude!

This brand new print by Jacob Borshard depicts everybody’s favorite Giant, doing what Giants do best; lurking among boulders, waiting to ambush pursuing pirates with a swift skull crushing boulder straight to the head. Of course, our Giant may choose a more sportsmanlike approach . . .

Either way, his blow is sure to made a dent. Anybody want a screenprint?

Here’s a pic of the print, fresh from the press, in it’s untrimmed state! What you might not be able to see is the super-high gloss varnish that Jacob mixed into the print, giving it a really nice finish to it all!

Artist pulled, signed and numbered, four colors, two split fountains, heavyweight paper, 12″ by 24″, edition of 140- available in the JACOB BORSHARD section of the Nakatomi store RIGHT NOW!

-alex fugazi

Peter Falk is my co-pilot.