This Friday and Saturday at the Palmer Events Center, we will be displaying and selling our wares at the 3rd annual Renegade Craft Fair Austin!  (This is our 4th Renegade! Time FLIES)

You can read more about the fair HERE.

Nakatomi founder, Tim Doyle and printer Zane Thomas will be on hand to take your money and regale you with stories about working in a silkscreen shop! Wheee!

BUT- we’ll also have some prints NOT AVAILABLE ON LINE!  That’s right, if you come out to see us, you should be able to snag some sweet-ass prints NOT AVAILABLE on our site- things like remaining copies of past sold-out awesomeness and maybe a preview or two of prints that haven’t come out yet? EH? EHHH?

So if you’re in the central Texas area, and want to come to a FREE art event, swing on out Saturday or Sunday!

-alex fugazi