Speedy Delivery!

Yup- you heard right, the Timed Release print from TUESDAY is done printing, and will start shipping on THURSDAY.

How are we so fast? We’re awesome, that’s how.  But in all seriousness- Nakatomi has it’s own print shop, and we made sure the schedule was nice and clear for this event.  We had the colors mixed, the screens burned, and the prep-work done. 

The numbered edition will be 200 prints, and throw AP’s on top of that to cover possible damages in shipping and latecomers who missed the time of the drop.

  We here at Nakatomi definitely want to thank you all for jumping on board with this release, and we know you won’t be disappointed with the results!  The prints are big and beautiful in person- we are loving the new sizes our new printing presses allow us to print at! We WOULD put a picture of the new prints up here, but I’m writing this from home, and those prints are locked up at the shop right now, on the other side of the moon. I mean- town. We’re not on the moon. That’d be silly. Moon-printers? Who’s ever heard of such a thing?  Ha, yes, we’re definitely not located on the moon.  We’re in ‘Austin’.

These should hit the mail tomorrow afternoon- many of you have already received their shipping confirmations, and everyone else should get their tomorrow. We’re big, big fans of timed release drops of prints here, when possible.  It allows everyone who wants a print to get a print. And really- that’s our goal here. Putting artwork in the hands of the people who want it.  And we are very happy to see that you all agree. Also, since we have our own presses and dedicated shipping department and all that- there’s a VERY short amount of time between when an order is placed and when it’s in your hands. We do realize that not all shops can promise those results, but hey- not all shops are completely freaking amazing like we are, you have to take it easy on them.  We will of course admit to having some delays on prints way back in our past, but that was BEFORE we had our own print-shop. Now- like a LASER! AN ART LASER!

And special thanks to our very tired and awesome printers, Sean Robb and Zane Thomas.

But yes, thanks again, and good night!

-alex fugazi, signing off from the Sea of Tranquility.