Jon Smith is holding this print. Jon Smith is 5′ 11″. Jon is shown for scale.

YES- we’re GIVING this print away! 

This GIANT Change into a Truck print was run as a test on the size capacity on our new printing equipment, and we’re giving it away (well…for a penny) with any orders on our site over $50 until supplies run out! We only have 30 available, so don’t wait on it!

Print measures approx 24×34 and is signed and numbered by Doyle in an edition of 30.


What you need to do is just order $50 or more of product, and at least ONE of the products has to be a poster (so we ship you a tube). Then, you just add THIS item to your cart and we’ll throw it in the tube!
We’re making you add this item so that you know it’s locked in. If the item page says ‘sold out’ then we have no more to give.

Keep in mind- this is a TEST sheet type print, so there’s some smudgies on a few, and one only has the BLUE layers (which is pretty cool). But it is only a penny, so NO WHINING!

If you add this to your cart and don’t order $50 in product, you will not receive this poster, but you will receive the rest of your order, and your penny refunded. You have been warned.


Q– ” I JUST ordered one of your Giant Squid prints, which was clearly enough $ to qualify! I want one of these!”

A- Yes, I WILL send one of these to the 6 customers who just ordered the giant squid print.

Q- “I ordered over $50 worth of posters the other day and I really want one of these now- send it to me!”

A- No, only on the orders mentioned above, and the orders from NOW onward will receive this print, until supplies run out. (we only have 24 now, so it won’t take long…)


Come and get it RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

But really, don’t forget to order $50 of product, or you won’t get it…

-alex fugazi