(We mean GODMACHINE…Cthulhu is pretty dark too.)

We here at Nakatomi have had the privilege of printing several of Godmachine’s prints in the past (most notably for the good folks at Tommygood), and we’ve been wanting to get him on a project over here for quite a while now.

Well the stars finally aligned, but unfortunately they aligned under an evil sign in the sunken city of R’yleh, rending the bonds that keep the ancient ones from invading our reality through secret geometry.

But hey, you’ve gotta roll with the punches, eh? Even when those punches come from a tentacled fist.

All the way from the cursed land otherwise known as THE UNITED KINGDOM, the artist known as Godmachine has produced this portrait of everyone’s favorite Dark Lord, Cthulhu.

This amazing 7 color hand-printed art print measures 16×24 and is numbered in an edition of 150.  Nakatomi has 100 for sale, with the rest going to Godmachine in the previously mentioned black pit of suffering, THE UNITED KINGDOM.

Pick up one of these prints HERE. And may Cthulhu’s judgement on all flesh be swift and harsh.

Death to all, alexfugazi.