Last month, hosted the amazing ‘Quentin V. Coen’ art show, and some of the real standouts were these 3 prints by Jon Smith, a tribute to ‘The Big Lebowski’.

Jon is now selling his artist’s copies of the prints, and we have many of the ones that sold-out through the gallery now in stock!  These Ralph Steadman inspired prints are just killer to behold in person- the printing, the split fountains, and the craftsmanship are stunning.  The colors are a’popping, and the Black/Grey/Red variants have that extra Steadman-style punch.


“Nothing is Fucked” (regular edition up top, Variant below) is an 18×24 screenprint-


“A Wiser Fella” (Regular up top, variant below) measures 12×18-


And “I Am the Walrus” (regular up top, variant pictured below)  also measures 12×18-


Nakatomi is also proud to announce Jon’s exclusive ‘Donny at Dusk’ edition of 50, ONLY available here-


All of these prints are available RIGHT NOW in the JON SMITH section of the Nakatomi store HERE.

-alex fugazi, abiding.