Continuing our series of FREE stuff that we give you, because we are awesomesauce spread on a cracker!

We just wrapped up printing Pop-Sub #3 by Aye Jay and Munter, and since we had a spare square on the sheet we were printing, we decided to throw on another portrait in our BEST TV SERIES EVER…uh…series.   Doyle drew this image of everyone’s favorite Junkie-become-paperboy, Bubbles!

This 7″ square print is limited to 100, signed and numbered by Doyle and features metallic gold ink!  And, since the paper we printed Pop-Sub #3 on was specially prepared w/ splats and sprinkles from the brush of Mike Munter, this is now an unintentional collaboration between the two artists!  (the splatters are hot pink and neon green- which for some reason, wasn’t picked up by the scanned print above, but was in the photo…uh also above.)

This print will ship out with the next 100 poster OR Pop-Sub orders (since it too will fit nicely in the 7″ shipping sleeve!)  While supplies last!

While you’re at it, Pick up a POP-SUB, eh?

-alex fugazi