Back in July, we got an email from a very nice fellow who worked for Breaking Bad’s production.

He said that Vince Gilligan, the show’s creator, loved our print- and really wanted a copy.  BUT we had none!

So, instead of being a bunch of dicks, we printed them a special run of them marked ‘Show Edition’ or ‘SE’ and sent them a fat stack that they promised to make sure they went to the cast and crew and executives and whatnot.

“Awesome!” we thought.  Breaking Bad is unanimously loved by the entire staff of Nakatomi, and the thought that one of our art prints could be hanging on the walls of the Dad from Malcom in the Middle (another favorite) and the guy responsible for some of our favorite episodes of The X-Files, or maybe even that guy from Starship Troopers (Look it up!), was just too great.

And to top if off, the nice fellow said he’d send some swag as a thank you.  “Great!” I thought.  Maybe a hat or something.  But really, just telling these guys how much fun their work has brought to us over the years was thanks enough.

And what do you know- we got a hat. And a Shirt. And a Jacket w/ a little ‘Heisenberg’ embroidered on.

Holy crap.  That was really nice.  But wait-


Sorry for the Blur, but it’s all there- Walt, Skyler, Hank, Jesse, Walt Jr., Vinnie G (show’s creator).

What?  You want…MORE?!?

AAAAHHH! Actual Saul Goodman matchbooks!  I’m going to call that number right now, actually… hmm…disconnected. Does that mean that Mr. Pollo’s got Saul?


CREW TOKENS! These metal tokens are for the crew for each season of the show! And they’re just like AA/NA tokens!  Because the show’s about drugs! AAAA! The season one token has a pic of Walt’s underwear!  So freaking cool!

So…what does this mean?  It can only mean one thing- love.  The love we here at Nakatomi have for the show is returned in kind.   It’s great when TV…GREAT TV loves you back.

Hell yes.  I feel great.  I feel like I’ve been bumping blue meth all day. I gotta go kill a hooker.

-Alex Fugazi

No Half Measures.