“Alright, Bucky… here’s the plan. I’m going to strap a parachute on and grab you by the britches. You won’t need a chute because my grip is like a vice. Then I’ll jump us into the middle of a hellish firefight in the Pacific. Here’s a Tommy gun. Ready?”


That’s the American spirit, kids.

Also, if you look at the covers of other issues of Timely’s (Marvel’s Golden Age incarnation) USA Comics, you’ll see that more than a few Nazi plots revolved around torturing/ injecting/ killing/ meatgrinding Bucky. Here’s my favorite:

What the hell kind of sick shit is that?

“Not only are ve goink to iron maiden your pig Amerikaner face, but ve’re alzo goink to make zure all ze blood haz rushed to your head to make it an ezpecially soppy affair. All for ze glorious Third Reich’s assured victory over ze Allied dogs. Ready? Okay Grubil, star ze crank…”