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Good news!  All pre-orders for Anville’s DMC-12 have shipped out the door, and are on their way to you.  Like the last few pre-sells we’ve done, this was a huge hit, and we thank you all for the orders!  If you missed out (and shame on you if you did,) Nakatomi is now selling our remaining copies in our store.

DMC-12 is an 18×24 6 color hand-pulled silkscreen print featuring metallic and fluorescent inks.  This edition is signed and numbered by the artist out of 100.  These turned out just beautiful in person, with popping colors and tight registration.

The metallic edition of this print was only for the mailing list members.  If you’d like to be in the loop on future mailing list exclusive prints…then JOIN THE MAILING LIST.

-alex fugazi